Waxmaid – Silicone Ash Catcher

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Waxmaid – Silicone Ash Catcher

Silicone Ash Catcher is the perfect addition to your bong lover starter kit. If you love your bong, you should try and keep it clean. A huge part of keeping your bong clean is keeping ash and herb from snap bowls in the body of it. A silicone ash catcher is the perfect way to prevent pesy chunks of herb and ash from floating around in your bong, making the water yellow and smelling like a rotten shoe. This particular silicone ash catcher is the top of the line. It fits both 14mm and 18mm joint sizes because of it’s tiered silicone levels on the joint attachment. This ash catcher is convenient in more ways than one. It’s definitely a huge help in keeping both your bongs and the water in them much cleaner, but it’s also just about indestructible. That’s right! Medical grade silicone like that used in this silicone ash catcher is both heat resistant and shatterproof. As long as it doesn’t have a glass bowl in it, this thing could survive huge drops. Drops that would spell the end for a glass ash catcher. Another cool aspect of this silicone ash catcher is the added percolation. Also, when it comes to cleaning, there is no more convenient ash catcher than this one. A lot of ash catchers simply hold water in the bottom to catch any dry pieces when they pull through the bowl. This silicone ash catcher has a downstem for added percolation which means cooler, more comfortable hits. So if you are a fan of glass, and you like to keep your glass clean, this silicone ash catcher is a no brainer. Also, if you like smooth, cooled down hits, it would be a great addition to any bong.

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w/ Glass bowl

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