This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SWFT Bar Disposable Pen (~400 puffs)

Apple Ice: 6 In-Stock

Banana Ice: 5 In-Stock

Creme Brule: 6 In-Stock

Cool Mint: 8 In-Stock

Guava Berry Ice: 10 In-Stock

Grape Ice: 8 In-Stock

Honeydew Ice: 5 In-Stock

Lychee Berry Ice: 8 In-Stock

Mango Ice: 1 In-Stock

Peach Ice: Out-of-Stock

Strawberry Lemonade: 1 In-Stock

Pineapple Ice: 6 In-Stock

Strawberry Ice: 5 In-Stock

Watermelon Ice: 4 In-Stock


• Nicotine Salt: 5%
• Disposable Device – No Maintenance – No Charging – No Refilling.
• Liquid Capacity: 1.3ML
• Battery Capacity: 280mAh
• Puff Count: ~400
• Draw Activated Firing Mechanism


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SWFT Bar Disposable Device (~300 puffs, 280mAh, 1.3ml)

Fall in love with the SWFT Bar Disposable Device, featuring a draw-activated firing mechanism, integrated 280mAh battery, and is preloaded with 1.3mL of the finest flavors, clocking in at a 5% nicotine concentration.


Apple ICE – Crisp apples steep in a pool of refreshing menthol for an uplifting flavor that is unmatched.

Cool Mint – Refreshing notes of mint paired with soothing menthol will revive the taste buds and soul.

Grape ICE – Tasty table grapes are enhanced with the uplifting gust of menthol for a vivid flavor that the taste buds will remember.

Honeydew ICE – Sweet aromatic honeydews are enhanced with notes of menthol for a rejuvenating flavor.

Mango ICE – Delicious mangoes are juiced to extract the tasty nectar to mix with refreshing menthol that will uplift the soul.

Peach ICE – Luscious peaches dripping with nectar and enhanced with the frigid chill of menthol.

Pineapple ICE – Tangy pineapples are augmented with a refreshing blast of menthol for a cool tropical flavor.

Strawberry ICE – Sweet sun-ripened strawberries are treated to a frigid blend of menthol that will tantalize the taste buds.

Watermelon ICE – Summertime sliced watermelons are frozen to deliver a frosty but sweet flavor.

Strawberry Lemonade – Muddled strawberries are mixed in a tall glass of refreshing lemonade that will dazzle the taste buds.

SWFT Bar Disposable Device Features:

Nicotine Salt: 5% 
Disposable Device – No Maintenance – No Charging – No Refilling. 
Liquid Capacity: 1.3ML 
Battery Capacity: 280mAh 
Puff Count: ~300-400 
Draw Activated Firing Mechanism

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Apple Ice, Banana Ice, Creme Brule, Grape Ice, Honeydew Ice, Mango Ice, Peach Ice, Strawberry Lemonade, Pineapple Ice, Strawberry Ice, Lychee Berry Ice, Watermelon Ice, Cool Mint, Guava Berry Ice