SMOK – TFV8 Baby Beast Coils (5-pack)

Q2-0.4Ω - Best at 30-40W: Out-of-Stock

Q2-0.6Ω - Best at 55-65W: Out-of-Stock

Q4-0.4Ω - Best at 30-65W: 2 In-Stock

Strip-0.15Ω - Best at 60-80W: Out-of-Stock

Mesh-0.15Ω - Best at 40-80W: Out-of-Stock


SMOK TFV8 Baby Turbo Engines Replacement Coils are powerful cores introduced with the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank. Furthermore, they are compatible with multiple other thanks (complete list in the description. The V8 Baby-M2 is compatible with the SMOK Stick V8. Patented design for high-performance capability, it offers unparalleled airflow performance and incredible vaping experience.




SMOK – TFV8 Baby Beast Coils (5-pack)

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Replacement Coils were designed to work with the following Smok tanks: TFV8 Baby Beast, Baby Beast Light EditionBig Baby Beast, TFV12 Baby Prince, Brit Beast-OSUB Plus Kit. Cross-compatibility with other tanks/coils is posted on the bottom of the page).

Types and Specifications:

Baby V8-T8
 Octuple Coil 0.15 Ω: 50-110W / Best: 60-80W
Baby V8-Q2 Dual Coil 0.4 Ω: 40-80W / Best: 55-65W 
Baby V8-Q2 Dual Coil 0.6 Ω: 20-50W / Best: 30-40W
Baby V8-Q4 Quad Coil 0.4Ω  30-65W / Best: 35-60W
Baby V8-X4 Quadruple Coil 0.15 Ω: 30-70W / Best: 45-60W
Baby V8-T6 Sextuple Coil 0.2 Ω: 40-130W / Best: 70-90W
Baby V8-T8 Octuple Coil 0.15 Ω: 50-110WW / Best: 60-100W
Baby V8-M2 Dual Coil 0.25 Ω: 25-45W / Best: 35W = Optimized for the SMOK Stick V8 (3.7 Direct Output Voltage)
Baby V8-M2 Dual Coil 0.15 Ω: 25-45W / Best: 35W = Optimized for the SMOK Stick V8 (3.7 Direct Output Voltage)
Baby V8-T12 Duodecuple Coil 0.15 Ω: 50-90W / Best: 60-80W
Baby V8-Mesh 0.15 Ω 40-80W / Best 60-70W
Baby V8-Baby Strip 0.15 Ω 40-100W / Best 80-90W
V8 Baby RBA Head Two-Post Design


    • Geekvape Mesh Coils (used in the Geekvape Shield, Aero and Aero Mesh Tanks).
    • Geekvape Super Mesh Coils(used in the Geekvape Shield, Aero and Aero Mesh Tanks).
    • Eleaf HW coils (used in the Ello, Ello Mini, Ello Vate, Ello Duro and Ello Pop Tanks).
    • iM4 coils (used for the Illusion Mini Tank).
    • Vaporesso GT and GTM Coils (used in the NRG SE, Vaporesso Cascade Tanks) **see the exception-1 below 
    • Vaporesso NRG coils (used in the Vaporesso NRG Mini Tank)
    • Sigelei SM coils (used in the SLYDR M and KAOS Tank).
    • iJoy XS coils (used in the Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X)
    • Advken Mesh Coil, these are used in the Advken Manta Tank
    • Artery AT22 coils, these are used in the Artery AT22 tank
    • Coil Art Mage Coil, these are used in the Coil Art Mage Sub-Ohm Tank
    • E-XY T1 coils (used in E-XY T1 RBA Tank)
    • Famovape Fat Baby Mesh Coils (used in the Famovape Fat Baby Mesh tank)
    • Hellvape Mesh H1 coils (used inused in the Hellvape HellBeast tank)
    • Karnoo T1 coils (used inKarnoo T1 Tank)
    • OBS M series coils (used in OBS Damo Tank)
    • Peacemaker Squid Industries Coils (used in Peacemaker Tanks)
    • Squid Ind. B1 & B4 coils (used inSquid Ind. Peacemaker RTA).
    • Teslacigs HP coils (used in Teslacigs H8 Mini Tank)
    • Vapefly Fantasy Mini M8 coils
    • Beast, Ijoy Exo S and Ijoy Exo X
    • Vaportech’s VTech Coils (used in the Vaportech’s Ark, Morpheus SF and Flip SF tanks)
    • Vaptio Frogman coils (used inthe Frogman Tank)
    • WOTOFO FLOW coils (used in Flow SUb Ohm Tank)
    • asMODus Ohmie coils (used in the Asmodus Ohmie Tank) **see the exception-1 below  
    • Joyetech ProCore Aries coils (used in the ProCore Aries) *see the exception-2 below  

* The Baby Beast Coils do not fit into the Asmodus Ohmie Tank.
** ProCore coils fit the Big Baby Beast Tank but NOT the 22mm Baby Beast Tank, The Baby Beast Coil fit the Joyetech ProCore Aries Tank.

Remember to prime each coil before the first use.

Additional information


Q2-0.4Ω – Best at 30-40W, Q2-0.6Ω – Best at 55-65W, Q4-0.4Ω – Best at 30-65W, Strip-0.15Ω – Best at 60-80W, Mesh-0.15Ω – Best at 40-80W

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