Purlyf – Rave Kratom Target Shots

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Purlyf – Rave Kratom Target Shots

They may be new, but Rave Kratom has already shown they have what it takes and are an innovative company. Each shot they have created serves a purpose. Generally liquid kratom extracts are a pure extract offering either relaxation qualities or energizing qualities. These liquid kratom extract shots offer something different. Using specific strains of kratom extract AND a full spectrum extract at that they have produced shots that work more like plain leaf powder with the power of an extract shot.


– 150mg Kratom + 25mg Kanna + 80mg Gaba
– Strawberry Mango Flavor

HEAVY shots provide users with highly euphoric and relaxing effects! The best way to explain the effects would be to use the word heavy. If users have tried Rave’s NUMB shots, this blend will feel similar but with a more intense body buzz.
All three of these natural plants work synergistically. Kratom provides users with calm focus and relaxation. Kanna is used to offer mood-boosting effects and euphoria. Gaba provides deep relaxation in the body and mind.

– 150mg Mitragynine + 60mg Caffeine
– Pineapple Orange Guava Flavor

Users can expect to feel a highly euphoric burst of energy from these delicious pineapple orange guava flavored shots! If users have tried their other full spectrum shots, imagine this being 
White Dragon with even more intensity! Rave BOOST shots are the perfect blast of energy for new and veteran users who enjoy the energizing effects of kratom.

– 150mg Mitragynine + 150mg Kava
– Blueberry Lemon Flavor

Users can expect to feel the perfect balance between energizing effects and relaxing effects from this kratom and kava blend! Although this is considered a full-spectrum shot, there is a more significant focus on mitragynine. This alkaloid provides users with effects such as energy and focus. Kava provides users with more relaxing properties. When paired together, they work synergistically to create the perfect balance!

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