This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

PUFF Bar Disposable Pen (~300 Puffs)

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Puff Labs Puff Bars bring you a simple and disposable vape that is easy to use and has amazing flavor. These disposable vape pods have a wide range of flavors so you will never have to deal with going flavor blind. The worry of having dead batteries is a thing of the past with Puff Bar. With the Puff Bar you will have no issue with how it fits in your hands, or your pocket; say goodbye to big bulky mods! With an integrated 250mAh battery, you will be able to puff on this all day long with no issues.

Puff Bar Disposable is perfect for the busy on the go person who doesn’t have the time to worry about changing batteries, or coils. The Puff Bar fits in your hand with ease and you won’t have to worry about fitting it into your pocket as it has a slim design to it. This disposable vape flavors have so much flavor packed into them that you won’t want to put it down until its empty. Puff Labs have taken the world of disposable vapes to a whole new level and have upped the game tremendous.


Mango – Feel the warmth of the Caribbean islands and bite into sweet and juicy mangoes with the Mango flavor of Puff Bar. This flavor is rich and bursting with flavor that will rock your world.

Lychee Ice – Get ready to take your taste buds on an exciting fruity journey with the Puff bars Lychee Flavor. Every inhale will give you a strong fruity taste with cool menthol hit

Strawberry – The all famous Strawberry will give you a blast of freshly picked strawberries and will entice your taste buds. With each drag you will feel an explosion of flavor that will delight even your soul.

Watermelon – With the watermelon flavor of the Puff Bras you will be splashed with freshness and revitalizing sensation. The flavor will make you feel as if your were biting into a freshly sliced watermelon.

Blueberry – This flavor is surprise fruity attack on taste buds and you will never be able to anticipate what’s coming. Brace yourself for the sweet and tangy Blueberry by Puff Bars.

Lush Ice – Indulge yourself in the amazing berry-licious flavor, the Lush Ice. A unique favor that gives pleasure and satisfaction on each inhale and gives a cool icy menthol effect on each exhale.

O.M.G – Orange, Mango, Guava

Clear – No Flavor

Sour Apple – Sour Apple

Cucumber – Cucumber

Cafe Latte – Assembling savory flavors of espresso and steamed milk, you will be treated with the most fluffy and tasty flavor profile, you could ever dream for.

Banana ICE – Banana with an icy exhale.

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Lush ICE, Mango, Strawberry, Banana ICE, Lychee ICE, Melon ICE