Luxx – Delta 8 Gummies

Jungle Juice - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Jungle Juice - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Guava - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Guava - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Lychee Ice - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Lychee Ice - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Peach - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Peach - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Sour Sweet - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Sour Sweet - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Banana Ice - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Apple - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Apple - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Strawberry - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Mango - 5000MG: Out-of-Stock

Mango - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Watermelon - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Banana Ice - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

Strawberry - 500MG: Out-of-Stock

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Luxx – Delta 8 Gummies

Try these new Delta 8 Gummies from Luxx! The same company that brought forward one of the top disposables in the market now brings you these Delta 8 Gummies that are sure to beat any other gummies you’ve been using previously!

Product Details:

== 5000MG Pack ==
– Delta 8 = 5000MG
– Pieces per pack = ~50
– Strength per piece = ~100MG

== 500MG Pack ==
– Delta 8 = 500MG
– Pieces per pack = ~5
– Strength per piece = ~100MG


Delta 8 Extract, CBD Hemp, Glucose Syrup, Sugar Gelatin, Dextrose, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Palm Kernel Oil, Camauba Wax, White Beeswax, Yellow Beeswax, Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1

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Peach – 5000MG, Sour Sweet – 5000MG, Banana Ice – 5000MG, Jungle Juice – 5000MG, Guava – 500MG, Jungle Juice – 500MG, Apple – 500MG, Lychee Ice – 500MG, Lychee Ice – 5000MG, Guava – 5000MG, Sour Sweet – 500MG, Peach – 500MG, Apple – 5000MG, Strawberry – 5000MG, Mango – 5000MG, Mango – 500MG, Watermelon – 500MG, Banana Ice – 500MG, Strawberry – 500MG, Watermelon – 5000MG

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