KOI – CBD Vape E-Liquid – 30ml

Blue - 500mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Blue - 250mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

White - 1000mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

White - 500mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

White - 250mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Red - 250mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Red - 1000mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Red - 500mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Gold - 250mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Gold - 1000mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Gold - 500mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Jade - 250mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Jade - 500mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Purple - 250mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Purple - 500mg CBD: Out-of-Stock

Blue - 1000mg CBD: Out-of-Stock


Either use as-is, or mix with your favorite e-juice to create your most desirable vaping experience! 500mg per bottle.


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KOI – CBD Vape E-Liquid – 30ml

250MG & 500MG
Bottle Size: 
Flavors Available: 
– (Blue) – Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit 
– (White)  Flavorless
– (Red) – Strawberry Milkshake
– (Gold) – Vanilla Caramel Custard
– (Jade) – Watermelon Green Apple Sour
– (Purple) – Tropical Popsicle

Usage: Use as needed, but always remember to build it up slowly until you find what’s right for you. Either use as-is, or mix with your favorite e-juice to create your most desirable vaping experience!

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. This product is being distributed in U.S. interstate commerce in accordance with the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act applicable to hemp-derived products. The product(s) accompanying this order are being sold to you at your request. BUYER ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR COMPLIANCE WITH STATE OR LOCAL LAWS, ORDINANCES, TAX OBLIGATIONS, OR LICENSING REGULATIONS OR PROHIBITIONS.  Seller is encouraged to seek legal advice if unsure as to the status of state or local laws relating to further distribution or retail sale of these products.

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Blue – 500mg CBD, White – 500mg CBD, Red – 500mg CBD, Gold – 500mg CBD, Jade – 500mg CBD, Blue – 250mg CBD, White – 250mg CBD, Red – 250mg CBD, Gold – 250mg CBD, Jade – 250mg CBD, Purple – 500mg CBD, Purple – 250mg CBD, White – 1000mg CBD, Gold – 1000mg CBD, Red – 1000mg CBD, Blue – 1000mg CBD

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