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KillSwitch Hitman 510 Variable Voltage Vape Pen


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The Killswitch 510 Tri-voltage Battery is a full 11mm and packed with features such as 3 Power Modes, 3.2V/3.7V/4.2V as well as advanced pre-heat functions.

The KillSwitch Hitman is the new standard-bearer for 510 batteries for use with CE3 and other 510 tanks such as the Brass Knuckles.

The KillSwitch is a full 11mm vape pen and packed with features such as 3 Power Modes, 3.2V/3.7V/4.2V, as well as an advanced preheat function. All features are easily changed by different combinations of clicks on the fire button.

The unit also has a full 350mAh of battery capacity for a long-lasting charge. Get yours now and discover why the KillSwitch 510 Variable Voltage Vape Pen is the perfect blend of size, appearance, and power for all your 510 vaping needs!

KillSwitch 510 Specifications
  • 350mah capacity
  • Unique preheat feature
  • Designed for 11mm tanks like Brass Knuckles and Liberty
  • USB micro port on the bottom of the battery for charging.
  • Color LED power mode indicator around the fire button.
3 Variable Voltage Power Modes:
  • White LED – 3.2V
  • Blue LED – 3.7V
  • Red LED – 4.2V
  • 5 Clicks – Turn On/ Turn Off
  • 3 Clicks – Cycle Voltage
  • 2 Clicks – 10 Second Preheat Mode


1 x Killswitch Hitman Battery

1 x Mini USB Charger