Hemper – The Keeper Grinder and Container

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Hemper – The Keeper Grinder and Container

The Keeper™ is the first portable grinder on the market that features two different storage compartments, allowing you to store your ready-to-grind herb separately from your already-ground material. No need to waste time picking your unground herb from the grounds; the HEMPER Keeper™ keeps them apart for an easy on-the-go solution.

The top of the Keeper™ features a removable grinder that has sharp teeth for a fluffy, easy grind. Rest assured that crushed buds or large chunks are a thing of the past with the HEMPER Keeper™! The Keeper™ saves you time by powering through even large amounts of herb with ease, always resulting in a great grind for all your smoking needs.

The Keeper™ features highly durable teeth which means they stay sharper, for longer, still providing that same exceptional ground product every time.

The Hemper Keeper™ was designed to be taken anywhere you go with the bonus removable tether cap. It’s flexible, so you can attach your Hemper Keeper™ to wherever you’d like! Clip the Keeper™ onto your bag, your belt, even your keychain!

The Keeper™ is also smell-proof and water-resistant, making it perfect for traveling or camping, or even just for your daily grind! Grind and store on the go, whenever, wherever.


Your HEMPER Keeper™ is so easy-to-use and provides such a smooth grind that you’ll never look back!

Simply unscrew the lid to reveal the removable grinder, and larger storage compartment. Your ground product is kept in the separate, smaller storage container, found on top of the Grinder for easy access. 

Grind as little or as much as you need – It will all be there when you’re ready for it! The Keeper™ is the ultimate in discreet herb carrying solutions!


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