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Green Apple - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Blue Razz - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Strawberry - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Watermelon - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Mango - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Passion Fruit - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Pineapple - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Tropical Punch - 500mg: Out-of-Stock

Green Apple - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

Blue Razz - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

Strawberry - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

Watermelon - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

Mango - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

Passion Fruit - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

Pineapple - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

Tropical Punch - 100mg: Out-of-Stock

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FullSend Canna Gummy Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies

Ahh, the FullSend Canna Gummy Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies. Take note, because this manufacturer is a master of their trade, and they have certainly delivered with these incredibly potent, decadent gummies.

Each gummy contains 35mg of full-spectrum hemp extract each. With 15 treats in a package, that’s a considerable 500mg per package.

This 35mg dosage is perfect for a nightcap at the end of the day, or for supercharging your morning to get in the zone.

Edibles like these take the guesswork out of dosing. Pop a gummy, enjoy those bright, delicious flavors, and get on with your enriched day.

These treats are available in the following flavor options:
– Watermelon
– Blue Razz
– Green Apple
– Strawberry
– Mango
– Passion Fruit
– Pineapple
– Tropical Punch

These flavors are delivered with a slightly sour edge that is sure to keep you feeling sharp. High-end solutions like these gummies simply won’t be found anywhere else. Not only are they stacked with premium cannabidiol, but these treats have been fully lab tested by third-party facilities to ensure accurate dosing and a lack of unwanted compounds. When all of these compounds come together, they enhance every attribute of your cannabidiol regimen. Don’t delay. Order a few of these incredible flavors, dose up your day with premium hemp vibes, and get ready to experience the joys of an effective and fulfilling holistic regimen.

Product Features:

– 500mg (35mg ea.)
– 100mg (35mg ea.)

Number Of Gummies:
– 500mg pack = 15 pieces
– 100mg pack = 3 pieces

Delivery Methods: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies (Oral)

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Package Contains: 1 x FullSend Canna Gummy Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Gummies

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Green Apple – 500mg, Strawberry – 500mg, Blue Razz – 500mg, Watermelon – 500mg, Green Apple – 100mg, Strawberry – 100mg, Blue Razz – 100mg, Watermelon – 100mg, Mango – 500mg, Passion Fruit – 500mg, Pineapple – 500mg, Tropical Punch – 500mg, Tropical Punch – 100mg, Mango – 100mg, Passion Fruit – 100mg, Pineapple – 100mg

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