CURB – Herbal Infused Disposable Vape (No Nicotine)

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CURB – Herbal Infused Disposable Vape (No Nicotine)


The Curb Herbal Supplement Infused Disposable Vaporizer 10pk by Curb is a handheld, portable disposable vape. It is 100% tobacco-free and nicotine free, designed for smooth hits. The standout feature of these disposables is that they utilize herbal supplements that help users with things like anxiety, boosting energy, destressing vibes, and much more.

Curb Disposable Vape Pen Features:

• No Tobacco, No Nicotine
• Disposable Device – No Maintenance – No Charging – No Refilling. 
• Draw Activated Firing Mechanism


YERBA MATE: ( Backed by Science) Antioxidant rich, lowers blood sugar levels.
May boost energy & enhance performance. May lower the risk of heart disease & may aid in boosting your immune system.

BURDOCK ROOT: Packed with antioxidants, research shows it promotes circulation & effectively detoxifies the blood. Anecdotal evidence supports the claim that Burdock Root may have an aphrodisiac effect.

PASSION FLOWER: Studies suggest it may help relieve anxiety & insomnia

ORGANIC GREEN TEA: Antioxidant-rich superfood. Known for its fat-burning properties & ability to improve brain function. Known to fight against oral bacteria helping to take care of teeth & gums while promoting fresh breath.

RELAX PEACH*MELATONIN infused for added assistance & support for relaxation & sleep.

ENERGY RASPBERRY *CAFFEINE infused for an extra pick-me-up boost of energy.

MINT RENEW *TERPENE infused with a proprietary blend to assist & support your energy, focus, & clarity throughout a long day.

WATERMELON ICE REVIVE *TERPENE infused with a proprietary blend designed to activate tired minds, and assist with anxious moments throughout the day.

MANGO RESTORE *TERPENE infused with a proprietary blend to aid in body and mind recovery from long stressful activities.

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Raspberry (Energy), Mint (Renew), Watermelon Ice (Revive), Peach (Relax), Mango (Restore)

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