510 Drip Tip (Single)

Color Changing - Green: Out-of-Stock

Color Changing - Purple: Out-of-Stock

3D Snakeskin - White Black: Out-of-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Orange: Out-of-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Lime Green: 1 In-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Green: Out-of-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Dark Blue: Out-of-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Yellow: 1 In-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Light Blue: Out-of-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Purple: 1 In-Stock

3D Snakeskin - Red: Out-of-Stock

Sequins - Red: 1 In-Stock

Sequins - Purple: Out-of-Stock

Sequins - Green: Out-of-Stock

Sequins - Pink: 1 In-Stock

Sequins - Black: Out-of-Stock

Color Changing - Black: Out-of-Stock

Color Changing - Red: Out-of-Stock

Color Changing - Brown: Out-of-Stock

Trinity Alpha: 21 In-Stock

HellVape - Tan: 2 In-Stock

HellVape - Orange: 4 In-Stock

HellVape - Blue: 3 In-Stock


These will fit any tank with a 510 mouthpiece! Double O-ring.

Choose the color that best matches your current vape setup, and vape in style!


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The Blitz 510 Drip Tip is a 9mm tall widebored drip tip, measuring 6mm diameter of the inner bore, secured via pair of O-rings at the 510 connection.

Blitz 510 Drip Tip Features:

  • Height: 9mm 
  • 510 Connection 
  • 6mm Widebore 
  • Double O-Ring Seal 
  • Comes in 3 styles : Color Changing, 3D Snakeskin, and Sequins Gold Flaked.

“Color changing” tips are head activated:
– Purple to Blue
– Red to Pink
– Blue to Orange
– Black to Grey
– Green to Lime Green

*All drip tips are sold individually*

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Color Changing – Green, Color Changing – Purple, 3D Snakeskin – White Black, 3D Snakeskin – Orange, 3D Snakeskin – Lime Green, 3D Snakeskin – Green, 3D Snakeskin – Dark Blue, 3D Snakeskin – Yellow, 3D Snakeskin – Light Blue, 3D Snakeskin – Purple, 3D Snakeskin – Red, Sequins – Red, Sequins – Purple, Sequins – Green, Sequins – Pink, Sequins – Black, Color Changing – Black, Color Changing – Red, Color Changing – Brown, Trinity Alpha, HellVape – Tan, HellVape – Orange, HellVape – Blue

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